The Group

SISECAM in the world

Since 2000 B.C. Anatolia is the land of glass making.
After 4000 years  the third glassware group in Europe is still based in Turkey.  
SISECAM group is owned by Turkiye IS Bankasi and it has been established as early as in 1935. 
Turnover is almost 3 billion USD through 170 group companies and 21.000 employees.  

There are 4 divisions:
- Raw Materials
- Flat Glass
- Tableware
- Glass Packaging  

SISECAM runs 29 factories located in Turkey, Bulgaria and Russia, providing a total capacity of more than 4 million tons.
Export is more than 1.000 million USD in 150 countries

Download Annual Report 2020

Download 2020 YE Investor Presentation 

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