Pasabahce corporate video 2020

Pasabahce sponsor of Taste of Milano 2016

Pasabahce sponsor of Taste of Milano 2016 with the degustation stemware by Nudeglass .
Best chefs and gourmet of Italy gathered at The Mall , hot location in the new iconic district of Porta Nuova.
At haute cuisine festival from 19th to 22nd May 2016 3 stars chefs showcooked their special recipes.
The 4 days long event has been attended by large audience and VIP's guest. Masterchef such as Alessandro Buffolino of Ristorante Acanto Hotel Principe di Savoia, Yoji Tokuyoshi from Tokuyoshi, Roberto Conti from Il Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala, Angelo Troiani from Il Convivio di Roma have been presenting their best dishes.
Wine degustations have been held either, the best wines being poured into Pasabahce's stemware.

Corporate video of Sisecam Glass Packaging

Pasabahce TV Commercial

Wine glass bottles factory in Kuban, Russia

Introducing Kuban factory, now open for export to Europe of wine bottles.
The plant is located in Krymsk, nearby Krasnodar, few miles away from the port of Novorossiyysk on the Black Sea, easy doorway to Mediterranean though the Bosphorus.
The glassworks operates since 2009 by 1 furnace and 4 lines producing wine, beer, mineral water bottles color green and UVAG.
It belongs to RUSCAM the russian company owned by SISECAM group.


Mersin factory glass packaging

Pasabahce SUPERIOR Handmade


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