Turkey: Investments promised land

The economic crisis in the Eurozone has influenced foreign direct investments in the economies of Southeastern Europe where Turkey is still having a growing economy.

According to the A.T. Kearney FDI Confidence Index, Turkey ranks as the world´s 13th most attractive destination for foreign direct investment in 2012. In just nine months of 2012, the foreign direct investments coming into Turkey reached $10.1 billion (7.6 billion euros).

Having climbed to the rank of the world´s 16th largest economy despite the negative global financial environment, Turkey has shown an increased profile in attracting foreign direct investment in recent years.

"We are expecting to an increase of foreign direct investments in Turkey in 2013 too, with special emphasis on e-trade. At least one global risk capital company can start investing in Turkey next year," Alev Ertem, of the Turkey branch of EndeavorTurkey, told SETimes.

Internet and technology has been an important area for foreign investors in Turkey. General Atlantic, a global growth investment firm, made an investment of $44 million (33 million euros) to Yemeksepeti.com, Turkey´s leading online food provider website.

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